8 weeks

01.04.17: 8 weeks and they have all left for their new homes. We have been so busy the last couple of weeks so no time for update. Here are some photos from the last weeks:

7-8 weeks

18.03.17: 6 weeks old and a lot of action! We are outdoors a lot and the puppies are having so much fun. They are in the garden 6-7 times every day depending on the weather and the temperature. They have a lot of visitors nowadays, both humans and dogs. It is important to them to meet other dogs than mum before they leave us.
All puppies are now spoken for and we really look forward to get to know their new owners better. Here are some pictures from the last week:

6 weeks

11.03.17: 5 weeks old and they are so much fun! The puppies are much more aware of their surroundings and they are appreciating all the visitors. They are exploring the house and we have been outdoors for a few minutes the last few days. It is a bit cold for them so we have to be careful!

5 weeks


04.03.17: 4 weeks and a lot of energy here now! We have moved them to a bigger room so they are now exploring that room and the rooms next door. Some of them are of course tougher than others but then again they are tough on different things. It's lovely to see the typical Spaniel temperament showing already when they have visitors. Today we have taken some portraits of them.

4 weeks

25.02.17: 3 weeks and a huge development these days! All seeing, hearing and walking well. They are now playing with each other and they are interacting with us as well. We have cut nails for the 3rd time and they are dewormed for the 2nd time. They even had their first visitors and they have begun to eat puppyfood. Here are some pics from the 3rd week:

week 3

18.02.17: 2 weeks and things are beginning to happen! They are trying to walk now and they are all looking like drunken sailors.  We can also see that a couple of them have started opening their eyes. So the coming week they will all start to see and hear and they will look much more like little dogs.
We have started thinking about names and we always have themes. This time we had to think a bit but finally decided that the names should relate to alcohol as dads petname is Boris and that's a Russian name. We all know how much Russians love alcohol! The boys will be named: Straight Up, Nightcap, Pick Me Up and On The Rocks. The girls: With A Twist and Shaken Not Stirred.

Here are some photos from this week:

2 weeks

11.02.17:  The puppies are already 1 week and they are doing well. They have all doubled their weight, and today we have cut their nails and dewormed them. Here are some photos from their first week:

1 week

2 days old

dag 1

We got 6 puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls. The first one was born 02.30am and the last one 8.40am so about one puppy per hour then. They are quite even weighing between 375 to 410 grams, except for one of the girls weighing 260 grams. They all eat well and have already gained weight. A couple of the boys are available to the right homes. Please feel free to contact us by email zelini@online.no.


SIRE:  CHARLESCROFT RIPPLE'N'ROLL   "Boris" (left photo)

I have always liked Boris mum CH. Charlescroft Soho after I made her BIS at a Springerklubben Open Show a few years ago. I have been waiting for a nice son and here he is! Boris has the most wonderful temperament and is always bouncing of joy.
He has done well despite his young age and limited showing gaining 3 CC's in Sweden and 1 CC in Norway. He has been BOS twice as well.

He has free hips (B), eyes clear and is fucosidosis and cord1 clear. This will be his first litter

Dam:  ZELINI'S DANCING DIRTY  "Billie" (right photo)

Billie is 6th generation Zelini and we are happy that she will pass on the super temperament we are so proud of. She is very easygoing, full of energy but no stress.
Billie is shown very limited but she has managed to achieve 1 CC, 1 res. CC and she was BIS-3 junior at the Spaniel Club main show 2016.

Billie has free hips (A)  and free eyes incl. gonioscopy

BorisBillie nov 16




 Charlescroft Ripple'n'Roll GBSHCH. Mompesson Cavendish GBSHCH. Mompesson Royal Destiny
GBSHCH. Mompesson Secret Whispers
SEU(u)CH. NUCH. Charlescroft Soho INT SEU(u)CH. Barecho Zuper Playmaker
Charlescroft Magpie
Zelini's Dirty Dancing SEU(u)CH. NUCH. Astrospring's Orion Finnlidens Good By Heart
SEU(u)CH. NUCH. SNVCH. Astrospring's Nyanza
 Zelini's Private Practice Rianlas In The Black at Beresford
NUCH. Zelini's Cappuccino